Anderholt Whittaker LLP is a full-service law firm located in Palm Desert, California founded on the idea that a great law firm should provide exceptional customer service and solutions to its clients, while always keeping in mind the costs associated with achieving our clients’ goals.

Anderholt Whittaker LLP emphasizes providing its clients with superior legal representation and practical guidance at cost effective rates. We understand the importance of making ourselves available to our clients and being responsive to our clients’ needs. We look at ourselves as partners with our clients, which is why we provide our clients with not only legal analysis, but often participate in general business strategy, marketing and lobbying efforts. Our focus is on the big picture rather than the billable hour.

Our goal is to help our clients avoid problems, rather than simply deal with problems as they arise. In short, Anderholt Whittaker LLP is in the business of relationships within our community and strategic alliances with our clients. We know that information is power and that key relationships are the best way to wield that power. 

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